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Cluster: Variational analysis


10:30 - 12:00, room: H 2035

Chair: Roland Herzog
Nonsmooth phenomena in optimal control

Meyer Boundary control of the obstacle problem [...]
Gerdts Globalized semi-smooth Newton methods in optimal control problems with DAEs [...]
Schmidt Properties of the optimal value function and application to worst-case robust optimal control problems [...]


10:30 - 12:00, room: H 2051

Chair: Alfredo Noel Iusem
Equilibrium problems and related topics

Ferreira Local convergence of Newton's method under majorant condition in Riemannian manifolds [...]
Scheimberg A reflection-projection method for equilibrium problems [...]
Drummond New strategies for vector optimization problems [...]


13:15 - 14:45, room: H 2035

Chair: Sara Maria Grundel
Eigenvalue and semi-infinite optimization

Grundel Variational analysis of the spectral abscissa for defective and derogatory matrices [...]
Tchemisova On a constructive approach to optimality conditions for convex SIP problems with polyhedral index sets [...]
Eaton On the subdifferential regularity of functions of roots of polynomials [...]


13:15 - 14:45, room: H 2051

Chair: Alejandro Jofré
Variational analysis and economic equilibrium

Jourani A characterization of the free disposal condition for nonconvex economies on infinite-dimensional commodity spaces [...]
Bonnisseau On the rank of payoff matrices with long-term assets [...]
Jofré The robust stability of every equilibrium in economic models of exchange even under relaxed standard conditions [...]


15:15 - 16:45, room: H 2035

Chair: Xiaoqi Yang
Lower order exact penalty functions

Yang Optimality conditions via exact penalty functions [...]
Tian An interior-point l1/2-penalty method for nonlinear programming [...]
Chen Exact penalty functions for semi-infinite programming [...]


15:15 - 16:45, room: H 2051

Chair: Nguyen Dong Yen
Some applications of variational analysis

Nguyen Variational analysis of minimal time functions with unbounded dynamics and generalized smallest enclosing circle problems [...]
Eberhard Approaches to optimality conditions using nonsmooth and variational methods [...]
Lee On constraint qualifications for mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints [...]




10:30 - 12:00, room: H 2035

Chair: Andreas Griewank
Nonsmooth analysis via piecewise-linearization

Khan Evaluating an element of the Clarke generalized Jacobian of a piecewise differentiable function [...]
Griewank On piecewise linearization and lexicographic differentiation [...]
Fiege An exploratory line-search for piecewise smooth functions [...]


10:30 - 12:00, room: H 2051

Chair: Genaro López and Chong Li
Variational inequalities and optimization problems on Riemannian manifolds

Colao Equilibrium problems in Hadamard manifolds [...]
Leustean Firmly nonexpansive mappings in classes of geodesic spaces [...]
Oliveira Proximal and descent methods on Riemannian manifolds [...]


13:15 - 14:45, room: H 2035

Chair: Aram V. Arutyunov and Fernando Lobo Pereira
Control and optimization of impulsive systems I

Karamzin Existence theorems and Pontryagin's Maximum Principle for impulsive control problems [...]
Silva Optimal impulsive control problems under uncertainty [...]
de Oliveira An Invexity Type Condition on Impulsive Optimal Control Systems [...]


13:15 - 14:45, room: H 2051

Chair: Constantin Zalinescu
Regularity and sensitivity in multicriteria optimization

Durea Metric regularity and Fermat rules in set-valued optimization [...]
Strugariu Metric regularity and subregularity of set-valued mappings with applications to vector optimization [...]
Zalinescu Variational principles for multifunctions and applications [...]


15:15 - 16:45, room: H 2035

Chair: Dmitry Karamzin and Fernando Lobo Pereira
Control and optimization of impulsive systems II

Arutyunov The R.V. Gamkrelidze's maximum principle for state constrained optimal control problem: Revisited [...]
Goncharova Impulsive systems with mixed constraints [...]
Pfeiffer Sensitivity analysis for relaxed optimal control problems with final-state constraints [...]


15:15 - 16:45, room: H 2051

Chair: Héctor Ramírez
Recent advances on linear complementarity problems

Hiriart-Urruty A variational approach of the rank function [...]
Ramírez Existence and stability results based on asymptotic analysis for semidefinite linear complementarity problems [...]




10:30 - 12:00, room: H 2035

Chair: Russell Luke
Nonsmooth variational inequalities: Theory and algorithms

Luke Constraint qualifications for nonconvex feasibility problems [...]
Sabach A first order method for finding minimal norm-like solutions of convex optimization problems [...]
Cherugondi A descent method for solving an equilibrium problem based on generalized D-gap function [...]


10:30 - 12:00, room: H 2051

Chair: Guoyin Li
Quadratic and polynomial optimization

Kim On ε-saddle point theorems for robust convex optimization problems [...]
Li Error bound for classes of polynomial systems and its applications: A variational analysis approach [...]


13:15 - 14:45, room: H 2035

Chair: Stephen Michael Robinson
Structural properties in variational analysis

Mordukhovich Second-Order variational analysis and stability in optimization [...]
Lewis Active sets and nonsmooth geometry [...]
Lu Confidence regions and confidence intervals for stochastic variational inequalities [...]


13:15 - 14:45, room: H 2051

Chair: Patrizia Daniele
Equilibrium problems: Formulations and methodologies

Daniele General financial models: Methodologies and suggestions for the recovery [...]
Crespi Minty variational principle in set optimization [...]
Wakolbinger A variational inequality formulation of economic network equilibrium models with nonlinear constraints [...]


15:15 - 16:45, room: H 2035

Chair: Radek Cibulka
Nonsmooth analysis with applications in engineering

Iusem Th effect of calmness on the solution set of nonlinear equaltions [...]
Uderzo On some calmness conditions for nonsmooth constraint systems [...]
Cibulka Quantitative stability of a generalized equation: Application to non-regular electrical circuits [...]


15:15 - 16:45, room: H 2051

Chair: Abderrahim Hantoute and Rafael Correa
Some stability aspects in optimization theory

Hantoute On convex relaxation of optimization problems [...]
Pang First order analysis of set-valued maps and differential inclusions [...]
Shikhman Implicit vs. inverse function theorem in nonsmooth analysis [...]




10:30 - 12:00, room: H 2035

Chair: Jan-J. Ruckmann
Structure and stability of optimization problems

Ruckmann Max-type objective functions: A smoothing procedure and strongly stable stationary points [...]
Gfrerer Second-order conditions for a class of nonsmooth programs [...]
Fusek On metric regularity of the Kojima function in nonlinear semidefinite programming [...]


10:30 - 12:00, room: H 2051

Chair: Akhtar A. Khan and Christian Clason
Optimization methods for nonsmooth inverse problems in PDEs

Kaltenbacher Iterative regularization of parameter identification in PDEs in a Banach space framework [...]
Hofmann On smoothness concepts in regularization [...]
Clason Inverse problems for PDEs with uniform noise [...]


13:15 - 14:45, room: H 2035

Chair: Rene Henrion
Stability of constraint systems

Izmailov Strong regularity and abstract Newton schemes for nonsmooth generalized equations [...]
Henrion On (co-)derivatives of the solution map to a class of generalized equations [...]
Lopez Lower semicontinuity of the feasible set mapping of linear systems relative to their domains [...]


13:15 - 14:45, room: H 2051

Chair: Mau Nam Nguyen
Variational analysis of optimal value functions and set-valued mappings with applications

Bounkhel Regularity concepts of perturbed distance functions at points outside of the set in Banach spaces [...]
Kum A geometric mean of parameterized arithmetic and harmonic means of convex functions [...]
Yen Coderivatives of a Karush-Kuhn-Tucker point set map and applications [...]


13:15 - 14:45, room: MA 649

Chair: Elena Resmerita
Variational methods in inverse problems

Klann A Mumford-Shah type approach for tomography data [...]
Pricop-Jeckstadt Genomic selection and iterative regularization methods [...]
Pöschl TV-denoising and evolution of sets [...]


15:15 - 16:45, room: H 2035

Chair: Andreas H. Hamel
Set-valued convex and quasiconvex duality

Schrage Dini derivatives for vector- and set-valued functions [...]
Hamel Lagrange duality in set optimization [...]
Drapeau Complete duality for convex and quasiconvex set-valued functions [...]


15:15 - 16:45, room: H 2051

Chair: Wilfredo Sosa
Semi-continuous programming

Ribeiro Fenchel-Moreau conjugation for lower semi-continuous functions [...]
Raupp A duality scheme for semi-continuous programming [...]
Sosa Separation theorems for closed sets [...]




10:30 - 12:00, room: H 2035

Chair: Dmitriy Drusvyatskiy
Variational-analytic foundations of sensitivity analysis

Zhang Partial smoothness, tilt stability, and generalized Hessians [...]
Husain On second-order Fritz John type duality for variational problems [...]
Drusvyatskiy Identifiability and the foundations of sensitivity analysis [...]


10:30 - 12:00, room: H 2051

Chair: Vera Roshchina and Robert Baier
Generalized differentiation and applications

Pallaschke Quasidifferentiable calculus and minimal pairs of compact convex sets [...]
Bagirov Subgradient methods in nonconvex nonsmooth optimization [...]
Goncharov Well-posedness of minimal time problem with constant convex dynamics via differential properties of the value function [...]


13:15 - 14:45, room: H 2035

Chair: Alexander Zaslavski
Optimization in infinite dimensional spaces

Blot Discrete-time Pontryagin principles and ordered Banach spaces [...]
Donchev Runge-Kutta methods for differential equations with variable time of impulses [...]
Resmerita A discrepancy principle for the augmented Lagrangian method [...]


13:15 - 14:45, room: H 2051

Chair: Radu Ioan Bot
Duality in convex optimization

Csetnek Conjugate duality and the control of linear discrete systems [...]
Heinrich The support vector machines approach via Fenchel-type duality [...]
Grad Classical linear vector optimization duality revisited [...]


15:15 - 16:45, room: H 2051

Chair: Radu Ioan Bot
Monotone operators

Bot Approaching the maximal monotonicity of bifunctions via representative functions [...]
Rocco On a surjectivity-type property of maximal monotone operators [...]
László Regularity conditions for the maximal monotonicity of the generalized parallel sum [...]



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