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Cluster: Multi-objective optimization


10:30 - 12:00, room: H 1029

Chair: Matthias Ehrgott
Linear and integer multiobjective optimization

Kallio Reference point method for multi-criteria optimization with integer variables [...]
Ehrgott A multi-objective linear programming approach to data envelopment analysis [...]


13:15 - 14:45, room: H 1029

Chair: Luís Paquete
Efficient set representations

Stiglmayr The multicriteria linear bottleneck assignment problem [...]
Paquete Concise representation of nondominated sets in discrete multicriteria optimization [...]
Seipp A polynomial time approach for the multiple objective minimum spanning tree problem [...]


15:15 - 16:45, room: H 1029

Chair: Emilio Carrizosa
Multi-objective optimization

Flores-Tlacuahuac An utopia-tracking approach to multiobjective predictive control [...]
Ogryczak Fair multiobjective optimization: Models and techniques [...]
Goetzmann Compromise solutions [...]




10:30 - 12:00, room: H 1029

Chair: Nasrabadi Nasim
Multiobjective optimization II

Stidsen A branch & cut algorithm for bi-objective TSP [...]
Karakaya Decision support for multi-attribute multi-item reverse auctions [...]
Nasim Non-radial models to define the preference measure for convex cone-based strict partial order [...]


13:15 - 14:45, room: H 1029

Chair: Kaisa Miettinen
Interactive multiobjective optimization

Geiger Multi-objective inventory routing: Reference-point-based search, representations, and neighborhoods [...]
Miettinen Interactive Pareto Navigator method for nonconvex multiobjective optimization [...]
Trinkaus Multi criteria decision support in real-time [...]


15:15 - 16:45, room: H 1029

Chair: Gennady Zabudsky
Applications of multiobjective optimization

Tuncer Şakar Effects of multiple criteria and different planning horizons on portfolio optimization [...]
Alvarez-Vazquez Air pollution and industrial plant location: A multi-objective optimization approach [...]
Zabudsky Optimal location of rectangles on parallel lines [...]




10:30 - 12:00, room: H 1029

Chair: Henri Bonnel
Vector optimization: Post pareto analysis

Morgan Semivectorial bilevel convex optimal control problems: Existence results [...]
Bonnel Semivectorial bilevel optimal control problems: Optimality conditions [...]
Collonge Optimization over the Pareto set associated with a multi-objective stochastic convex optimization problem [...]


13:15 - 14:45, room: H 1029

Chair: Ingrida Steponavice
Nonlinear multiobjective optimization

Steponavice On robustness for simulation-based multiobjective optimization [...]
Lucambio Perez A modified subgradient algorithm for solving K-convex inequalities [...]


15:15 - 16:45, room: H 1029

Chair: Andreas Löhne
Applications of vector and set optimization

Radjef The direct support method to solve a linear multiobjective problem with bounded variables [...]
Löhne BENSOLVE - A solver for multi-objective linear programs [...]
Ulus An approximation algorithm for convex vector optimization problems and its application in finance [...]




10:30 - 12:00, room: H 1029

Chair: César Gutiérrez and Vicente Novo
Vector optimization

Hernández-Jiménez Characterization of efficient solutions for non-regular multiobjective problemas with inequality-type constraints [...]
Gutiérrez Approximation of efficient sets via ε-efficient sets [...]
Flores-Bazán Efficiency and ordering variational principles [...]


15:15 - 16:45, room: H 1029

Chair: Gabriele Eichfelder
Preference structures in multi-objective optimization

Eichfelder A procedure for solving vector optimization problems with a variable ordering structure [...]
Soleimani Approximate solutions of vector optimization with variable order structure [...]
Kasimbeyli Characterization of properly nondominated elements in vector optimization with variable ordering structures [...]




10:30 - 12:00, room: H 1029

Chair: Frank Heyde
Bilevel optimization and risk management

Jahn GPU implementation of a multiobjective search algorithm [...]
Fliege Reformulations of multiobjective bilevel problems [...]
Heyde Set-valued average value at risk [...]


13:15 - 14:45, room: H 1029

Chair: Carlos Abad
Portfolio selection

Abad Portfolio selection with multiple spectral risk constraints [...]
Yaghoobi Using ball center of a polytope to solve a multiobjective linear programming problem [...]


15:15 - 16:45, room: H 1029

Chair: Akhtar A. Khan
Optimality conditions in multiobjective optimization

Zhang Efficiency conditions for semi-infinite multiobjective optimization problems [...]
Khan On a Convex Optimization Problem in Predicting Tumor Location [...]
Jadamba Regularization of stochastic variational inequalities and comparison of an Lp and a sample-path approach for network problems [...]



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