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Cluster: Life sciences & healthcare


10:30 - 12:00, room: H 2033

Chair: Alexander Schönhuth
Computational genomics

Richard Fiona: Automatic correction of sequencing errors in genome sequencing experiments [...]
D'Addario DNA sequence design [...]
Hajirasouliha Next-generation sequence characterization of complex genome structural variation. [...]


13:15 - 14:45, room: H 2033

Chair: Leo van Iersel
Evolution and phylogenetics

Fischer When sets of species make an evolutionary tree unique [...]
Kelk Cycle killer … {} qu'est-ce que c'est? On the comparative approximability of hybridization number and directed feedback vertex set [...]
Scornavacca Constructing minimal phylogenetic networks from softwired clusters is fixed parameter tractable [...]


15:15 - 16:45, room: H 2033

Chair: Laurenz Göllmann
Therapy planning

Holm A new optimization model for brachytherapy dose plans [...]
Bokrantz Multi-criteria optimization for volumetric-modulated arc therapy by convex decompositions [...]
Göllmann Combination therapy considered as a multiple delayed optimal control problem [...]




10:30 - 12:00, room: H 2033

Chair: Rumen Andonov and Carlile Lavor
Bioinformatics and combinatorial optimization I

Voller An optimal solution to the generalized distance geometry problem [...]
Mucherino Re-ordering protein side chains for the discretization of MDGPs [...]
Gebser Repair and prediction (under inconsistency) in large biological networks with answer set programming [...]


13:15 - 14:45, room: H 2033

Chair: Gunnar W. Klau
Bioinformatics and combinatorial optimization II

Köster Protein hypernetworks [...]
Klau Charge group partitioning in biomolecular simulation [...]
Andonov Optimal DALI protein structure alignment [...]




13:15 - 14:45, room: MA 376

Chair: Gunnar W. Klau and Alexander Schönhuth
(Next generation) sequences

Canzar Transcriptome reconstruction using delayed column generation [...]
Marschall CLEVER: Clique-enumerating variant finder [...]
Pape Computational complexity of the multiple sequence alignment problem [...]


15:15 - 16:45, room: MA 376

Chair: Edwin Romeijn
Radiation therapy treatment planning

Long Beam orientation optimization in radiation therapy treatment planning [...]
Fredriksson A characterization of robust radiation therapy optimization methods [...]
Epelman A column generation-based algorithm for Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) treatment plan optimization [...]




10:30 - 12:00, room: MA 376

Chair: Annegret K. Wagler
Life sciences and healthcare "à la Clermontoise"

Barra Assessing functional brain connectivity changes in cognitive aging using RS-fMRI and graph theory [...]
Mephu Nguifo Stability measurement of motif extraction methods from protein sequences in classification tasks [...]
Pogorelcnik Clique separator decomposition and applications to biological data [...]


13:15 - 14:45, room: MA 376

Chair: Sarah Kirchner
Scheduling, assignment and matching in healthcare

Trautsamwieser A branch-and-price approach for solving medium term home health care planning problems [...]
Jafariasbagh Optimal individual matching to evaluate treatment in the stroke trails [...]
Kirchner Appointment scheduling in a hospital environment [...]


15:15 - 16:45, room: MA 376

Chair: Rujira Ouncharoen
Mathematical modeling of disease

Savic Mathematical modeling of amygdalin isolation from plum kernel using response surface methodology [...]
Ouncharoen Stability of HIV aphaeresis model [...]




10:30 - 12:00, room: MA 376

Chair: Alexandra Herzog
Model discrimination and experimental design

Nattermann A quadratic approximation of confidence regions [...]
Binder Numerical optimization methods for significance analysis of parameters and subsets of metabolic networks [...]
Herzog Discrimination of competetive model candidates for reversals in bacterium Myxococcus xanthus [...]


13:15 - 14:45, room: MA 376

Chair: Stefan Canzar
Cell biology

Gao Towards automatic NMR protein structure determination [...]
Mestre Tree-constrained matching [...]
Andreotti De novo peptide sequencing with mathematical programming [...]


15:15 - 16:45, room: MA 376

Chair: Utz-Uwe Haus
Methods from discrete mathematics in systems biology

Jegelka On fast approximate submodular minimization and related problems [...]
Roualdes Non-parametric species delimitation based on branching rates [...]
Felici Logic data mining in the presence of noisy data [...]



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