Friday, 11:00 - 11:25 h, Room: H 3010


Ignacio Vargas
An efficient decision making process for vehicle operations in underground mining based on a mixed-integer programming model

Coauthors: Juan M. Sepulveda, Oscar C. Vasquez


Mining operations can be seen as a vertically positioned threefold process: production, reduction and transportation. The workload of levels are pushed top-down by a plan-driven strategy, that contains the number of ore bucketfuls to be extracted at the production level. Unfortunately, the goal of minimizing makespan in the production level would be not always optimal when taking into consideration the coordination levels. In this paper, a mixed integer programming model to minimize makespan of drift workload subject to the coordination between production and reduction levels is formulated. The problem NP-hardness in strict sense is proved, the value of 2 as upper bound for polynomial algorithm in the off and on-line case is given, and 1.25-approximation algorithm for its resolution is proposed. Next, a set of decision rules obtained from the above algorithm is integrated into a simple-to-execute decision making process for LHD operators. Currently, a numerical analysis based on Chilean underground copper mine El Teniente data is being realized to explore the practical potential of the DMP proposed. The preliminary results show an average value 1.08.


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"Approximation of vehicle routing problems" [...]
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