Thursday, 13:45 - 14:10 h, Room: MA 549


Abada Ibrahim
A stochastic generalized Nash-Cournot model for the European gas market. The S-GaMMES model.

Coauthor: Jouvet Pierre André


We present a Stochastic Generalized Nash-Cournot model of the gas markets. The major gas chain players are depicted. We consider market power and the demand representation captures the fuel substitution and the fluctuation of the oil price. Long-term contracts as well as production and pipeline investments are endogenous. The model has been applied to represent the European gas market and forecast consumption, prices, production and foreign dependence till 2030. Finally, we have calculated the value of the stochastic solution.


Talk 2 of the invited session Thu.2.MA 549
"Optimization in the natural gas markets" [...]
Cluster 18
"Optimization in energy systems" [...]


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