Thursday, 11:30 - 11:55 h, Room: H 2036


Tomonari Kitahara
A proof by the simplex method for the diameter of a (0,1)-polytope

Coauthor: Shinji Mizuno


Naddef (1989) showed that the Hirsch conjecture is true for
(0,1)-polytopes by proving that the diameter of any (0,1)-polytope in d-dimensional Euclidean space is at most d.
In this short paper, we give a simple proof for the diameter.
The proof is based on the number of solutions generated by the simplex method for a linear programming problem.
Our work is motivated by Kitahara and Mizuno (2011), in which they got upper bounds for the number of different solutions
generated by the simplex method.


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"Linear programming: Theory and algorithms" [...]
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