Friday, 10:30 - 10:55 h, Room: H 3027


Arindum Mukhopadhyay
A socio-economic production quantity (SEPQ) model for imperfect items with pollution control and varying setup costs

Coauthor: Adrijit Goswami


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives have gained considerable prominence in recent years.
Public demand for environmental protection has created a need for identifying the most ecofriendly
and economic production strategies. Keeping this in mind, this paper investigates a
socioeconomic production quantity (SEPQ) model with imperfect quality items for varying
setup cost using the setup cost as a function of production run length. The setup cost and run length
can be related in terms of process deterioration and learning and forgetting effects. Three different
approaches of minimizing pollution during production process and transportation is provided.
Mathematical models and solution procedures are developed for each of them. Numerical example
and sensitivity analysis are provided to illustrate and analyse the model performance. It is observed
that our model has a significant impacts on the optimal lot size and optimal profit of the model.


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