Tuesday, 15:15 - 15:40 h, Room: H 3002


Marc Ruiz
Multi-constructive meta-heuristic for the metro areas design problem in hierarchical optical transport networks

Coauthors: Jaume Comellas, Luis Velasco


Optical connections in flexgrid-based optical networks will be able to convey up to 1,Tbps in the near future. Before designing those core networks however, it is required to introduce some hierarchy defining metropolitan areas so to reduce the number of locations participating in the core network. Those areas are then interconnected through the core network, and so expenditure costs of the latter can be dramatically reduced by minimizing the amount of traffic to be handled. As a result of the problem complexity we propose an iterative meta-heuristic that, at each iteration, builds a feasible solution by applying either a greedy-randomized or a pure random constructive procedure. To reach local optima, a local search procedure is afterwards applied. Finally, diversification is exploited by applying path-relinking between new and elite solutions. The performance of single and multi-constructive meta-heuristics was compared against exact solutions obtained from an ILP model. Finally, a real instance from a nation-wide network operator was solved.
This work was supported by the Spanish science ministry through the TEC2011-27310 ELASTIC project.


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