Wednesday, 15:45 - 16:10 h, Room: MA 043


Ping Zhao
A mixed-integer programming approach to the determination of a core element for an n-person cooperative game with nontransferable utility

Coauthor: Chuangyin Dang


A fundamental issue concerning n-person cooperative game with nontransferable utility is about core existence. Sufficient conditions like balancedness and necessary conditions for nonemptiness of the core have been given. From a complexity theoretic standpoint, the core existence problem has been proved to be NP-complete, which also indicates computation of core element intractable in general case. We transform a core computation problem into a mixed-integer programming problem such that core existence is equivalent to having an integer point in a polytope. The core of a game can be computed directly by this MIP in virtue of approximating characteristic function by a finite numbers of corners. This approach renders sufficient and necessary conditions dispensable and the information about core can be derived directly by solving the mixed-integer programming. Case in large scale can be computed in the MIP through CPLEX.


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