Friday, 11:00 - 11:25 h, Room: H 2032


Patrick Schittekat
A matheuristic for competence building with the use of nurse re-rostering

Coauthor: Tomas Eric Nordlander


The global nursing shortage makes efficient use of these resources vital. Good nurse rosters assist but are often static and span over a long period while the daily personnel situation is more dynamic: nurses get sick, take short notice days off, etc. Commonly, these absences are handled by hiring extra nurses when needed. However, earlier analysis has shown that nurse rotation in combination with hiring is a much more efficient solution. Moreover, re-rostering gets easier if the hospital possesses the best mix of experience level and special skills. In other words, a more suitable competence profile makes re-rostering more beneficial. Nurse rotation (work regularly in another department) builds up competence, which allows for a more robust competence profile - departments become better suited to handle future personnel absences. We present a matheuristic that optimizes the competence profile under the assumption that nurse rotation is allowed and/or the hospital can buy in competence. Our preliminary experiments on small instances show how a more robust competence profile is much more efficient up to 40,%.


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