Wednesday, 15:45 - 16:10 h, Room: MA 313


Vadim Shmyrev
A polyhedral complementarity algorithm for searching an equilibrium in the linear production-exchange model.


A finite algorithm for searching an equilibrium in a linear
production-exchange model will be presented. The algorithm is based on the consideration of two dual polyhedral complexes associating with the model.The intersection point of two corresponding each other polyhedrons of the complexes yields equilibrium prices.Thus, we deal with polyhedral complementarity.
The mentioned approach made it possible to propose also finite
algorithms for some other modifications of the exchange model. These algorithms can be considered as analogues of the simplex method of linear programming.


Talk 2 of the contributed session Wed.3.MA 313
"Applications of complementarity" [...]
Cluster 3
"Complementarity & variational inequalities" [...]


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