Wednesday, 15:15 - 15:40 h, Room: H 0106


Gary Froyland
Robust airline schedule planning, aircraft routing and crew pairing: An integrated scenario-based approach

Coauthors: Michelle Dunbar, Cheng-Lung Wu


For reasons of tractability, classical approaches to the airline scheduling problem have been to sequentially decompose the problem into various stages (eg. schedule generation, fleet assignment, aircraft routing, and crew pairing), with the decisions from one stage imposed upon the decision making process in subsequent stages. Such a sequential approach unfortunately fails to capture the many dependencies between the various stages, most notably between those of aircraft routing and crew pairing, and how these dependencies affect the propagation of delays through the flight network. As delays are commonly transferred between late-running aircraft and crew, it is important that aircraft routing and crew pairing decisions are made together. The propagated delay may then be accurately estimated to minimise the overall propagated delay for the network and produce a robust solution for both aircraft and crew. We introduce a new scenario-based approach to accurately calculate and minimise the cost of propagated delay, in a framework that integrates aircraft routing, crew pairing, and re-timing, and uses delay information from multiple scenarios.


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