Monday, 15:15 - 15:40 h, Room: MA 041


Hao Jiang
Learning parameters and equilibria in noise-corrupted Cournot games with misspecified price functions

Coauthors: Sean Meyn, Uday Shanbhag


We consider an oligopolistic setting in which myopic firms compete in a repeated Nash-Cournot game. In accordance with the Cournot assumption, prices are set based on aggregate output levels. We develop distributed learning schemes in a regime where firms are ignorant of a complete specification of an affine price function; specifically, firms learn the equilibrium strategy and correct the misspecification in the price function by simultaneously incorporating noise-corrupted observations and demand function. Differentiated by informational assumptions, two sets of schemes are developed and their performance is demonstrated on a networked Nash-Cournot game:
(1) Learning under common knowledge with unobservable aggregate output: Here, payoff
functions and strategy sets are public knowledge (a common knowledge assumption) but aggregate output is unobservable. When firms may observe noise-corrupted prices, distributed best response schemes are developed which allow for simultaneously learning the equilibrium strategy and the misspecified parameter in an almost-sure sense. Furthermore, these statements may be extended to accommodate nonlinear generalizations of the demand function.


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