Tuesday, 13:15 - 13:40 h, Room: H 0106


Julia Sender
A local improvement heuristic for a hub location problem in wagonload traffic

Coauthor: Uwe Clausen


In wagonload traffic, single wagons with different origins and destinations are consolidated on their routes through the railway network. The consolidation of wagons decreases the transportation costs but increases additional costs due to establishing and operating hub facilities. We present a specific capacitated multiple allocation hub location problem for the strategic network design of wagonload traffic developed together with our partner Deutsche Bahn AG. The model covers the main characteristics of wagonload traffic. Due to the difficulty to solve real-sized instances to (near-) optimality, we develop a new heuristic solution approach. The presented heuristic approach is based on local improvements (obtained, e. g, by relocation, opening, or closure of hub nodes or reallocation of non-hub nodes to hub nodes). We solve the problem with the heuristic approach and CPLEX on test data sets obtained from Deutsche Bahn. The computational results are presented and compared.


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