Thursday, 13:45 - 14:10 h, Room: H 3013


Daniele Catanzaro
An exact algorithm to reconstruct phylogenetic trees under the minimum evolution criterion

Coauthors: Roberto Aringhieri, Marco Di Summa, Raffaele Pesenti


We investigate one of the most important NP-hard versions of the phylogeny estimation problem, called the Minimum Evolution Problem (MEP). Specifically, we investigate the theoretical foundation of the MEP and its relationships with the Balanced Minimum Evolution Problem. Moreover, we present a new exact approach to solution of the MEP based on a sophisticated combination of both a branch-price-and-cut approach and a non-isomorphic enumeration of all possible phylogenies for a set of n taxa. This peculiar approach allows to break symmetries in the problem and to improve upon the performances of the best-so-far exact algorithm for the MEP. Hopefully, our findings will provide new perspective on the mathematics of the MEP and suggest new directions on the development of future efficient exact approaches to solution of the problem.


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