Monday, 16:15 - 16:40 h, Room: H 2035


Zhangyou Chen
Exact penalty functions for semi-infinite programming

Coauthors: Xiaoqi Yang, Jinchuan Zhou


We study optimality conditions of an inequality constraint semi-infinite optimization problem from the point of view of exact penalty functions. We introduce two types of penalty functions for the semi-infinite optimization problem, l\infty-type and integral-type penalty functions, and investigate their exactness relations as well as their relations with corresponding calmness properties, respectively. We establish first-order optimality conditions for the semi-infinite optimization problem via (esp. lower order) exact penalty functions. Finally, we apply our results to a generalized semi-infinite optimization problem by virtue of a double penalization technique.


Talk 3 of the invited session Mon.3.H 2035
"Lower order exact penalty functions" [...]
Cluster 24
"Variational analysis" [...]


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