Monday, 15:45 - 16:10 h, Room: H 0106


Hidetoshi Miura
Comparative study of reduced total travel times in check-pattern and hierarchical express systems

Coauthor: Toshio Nemoto


Express-service stop pattern on railway is an important factor to shorten travel time for long-distance users. However, it is difficult for trunk line to run enough expresses during rush hours by reason of track capacity for safety. Lack of track capacity gives trains few occasions to pass others. This study calculates reduced total travel time by expresses to compare three limited-service stop patterns: single express pattern system, check-pattern system, and hierarchical system. The hierarchical system gives stops of upper type of express to include all stops of lower expresses. The check-pattern system does not allow sharing stops between different types of expresses. Though the check-pattern system does not become common, it will give more expresses than the hierarchical system during high train density. Some simple assumptions in this railway model facilitate analytical representation to locate limited-service stops for maximizing reduced travel times. We will describe the optimal limited-service stop patterns and the optimal number of stops of three systems.


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