Friday, 10:30 - 10:55 h, Room: H 3012


Maribel Montenegro
On the N-index of the stable set polytope related to antiwebs


In this work we investigate the application of the N and N+ operators, defined by Lovász and Schrijver (1990), to the edge relaxation of the stable set polytope related to antiwebs. The first immediate result is that these polytopes have N+-index equal to 1.
Moreover, we have proved that if an antiweb \overline{W}nk is such that n=qn'+1 and k=q(k'+1)-1 with n',k',q ∈ N and q ≥ 2, it contains a subantiweb which is isomorphic to the antiweb \overline{W}n'k' and the rank constraint of this subantiweb can be used to generate the rank constraint of \overline{W}nk. Using this construction we obtain upper-bounds on the N-index for some particular classes of antiwebs.


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"Cliques, stable sets, and perfect graphs" [...]
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