Thursday, 14:15 - 14:40 h, Room: H 0107


Zhijun Wu
Computation of optimal strategies for evolutionary games

Coauthors: Yiping Hao, Wen Zhou


Biological species (viruses, bacteria, parasites, insects, plants, or animals) replicate, mutate, compete, adapt, and evolve. In evolutionary game theory, such a process is modeled as a so-called evolutionary game. We describe the Nash equilibrium problem for an evolutionary game and discuss its computational complexity. We discuss the necessary and sufficient conditions for the equilibrium states, and derive the methods for the computation of the optimal strategies, including a specialized Snow-Shapley algorithm, a specialized Lemke-Howson algorithm, and an algorithm based on the solution of a complementarity problem on a simplex. Computational results are presented. Theoretical difficulties and computational challenges are highlighted.


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