Thursday, 13:15 - 13:40 h, Room: MA 042


F. Javier Martin-Campo
On solving the aircraft collision avoidance problem for the ATM by horizontal maneuvers. A ranked mutiobjective MINLO problem

Coauthors: Antonio Alonso-Ayuso, Laureano F. Escudero


A mixed 0-1 nonlinear optimization approach is presented to solve the aircraft collision avoidance problem for the Air Traffic Management. Given the flight plans configuration, the problem consists of deciding a strategy such that every conflict situation is avoided. For this aim, we consider two possible maneuvers: velocity and angle changes, in a high nonconvex mixed integer nonlinear optimization (MINLO) approach that is based on a geometric construction. In order to determine which maneuvers will be followed, a ranked multiobjective approach is presented optimizing one of them by appending to it the constraint that satisfies the optimal objective function value of the other one with higher rank allowing an epsilon violation, such that the optimal solution of the higher rank objective can be used as a hot start for optimizing the other one. Some preliminary computational results will be presented by using a state-of-the-art nonconvex MINLO engine at each iteration, where a MINLO submodel is solved.


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