Monday, 16:15 - 16:40 h, Room: H 3003A


Abder Aggoun
Modelling and solving a class of combinatorial problems in supply chain using the Choco constraint programming system

Coauthors: Raphaƫl Martin, Ahmed Rhiat


KLS OPTIM is an SME specialist in Logistic Optimization offering a complete suite of solutions. The main problems addressed are packing,
pallet loading, optimization in distribution by minimizing the number of pallets, optimization of vehicle loading plans, optimization of assignment of containers in wagons, decision making applications. Most of the problems are known in the literature as bin packing problems. KLS OPTIM developed a set of dedicated business solvers.
OptimPallet is powered by a 3D solver which consists of packing boxes of various sizes into available pallets in a way which optimizes the total number of pallets.
OptimTruck proposes an optimal loading plan for each vehicle of the fleet company.
OptimTrain deals with the operational planning of trains. The objective is to minimize the number of wagons while placing the maximum number of containers.
The CP Engine Choco is a key component for modeling and solving packing problems.
Rules2CP is a rule-based language compiler developed at INRIA. It makes possible to model packing rules into a concise formalism which is automatically translated into Choco programs.


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"Constraint programming standard and industrial applications" [...]
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