Friday, 11:00 - 11:25 h, Room: H 3005


Jenny Nossack
Benders decomposition for a 1-full-truckload pickup-and-delivery vehicle routing problem

Coauthor: Erwin Pesch


We address a pickup and delivery vehicle rounting problem with multiple depots, where routes have to be constructed to satisfy customer requests, which either involve the pickup or delivery of a single commodity. A fleet of homogeneous vehicles is available to fulfill the demand and supply of the customers under the objective to minimize the total distance traveled. Each vehicle has unit capacity and the commodities which are collected from the pickup customers can be used to accommodate the demand of the delivery customers. We model this problem as an integrated integer nonlinear programming problem that simultaneously solves an assignment and a routing problem, linked via coupling constraints. Exact solution approaches based on the classical and the generalized Benders
decomposition are presented to optimally solve the problem.


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"Combinatorial optimization in logistics" [...]
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"Combinatorial optimization" [...]


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