Tuesday, 15:15 - 15:40 h, Room: H 3012


Maria Teresa Godinho
On a time-dependent formulation for the travelling salesman problem

Coauthors: Luís Gouveia, Pierre Pesneau


In the past, several papers have produced a classification of formulations for the ATSP, in terms of the associated linear programming relaxations. Among others, we may consider the papers by Gouveia and Voss (1995), Langevin et al (1990), Gouveia and Pires (1999), Orman and Williams (2007) and Oncan et al (2009). These papers fall among two classes. Either they produce new results between formulations known from the literature, or they use the fact that new formulations are also being presented in the paper in order to upgrade a classification already known from the literature.
Our talks falls in the second category in the sense that we present an updated classification of formulations for the asymmetric travelling salesman problem (ATSP)where we contextualize, in terms of the ATSP, a new time-dependent formulation presented in Godinho et al (2010).
The main feature of this formulation is that it uses, for each node, a stronger subproblem, namely a n-circuit subproblem with the additional constraint that the corresponding node is not repeated in the circuit.


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