Friday, 11:30 - 11:55 h, Room: MA 041


Jakob Schelbert
How to route a pipe - Discrete approaches for physically correct routing

Coauthors: Sonja Mars, Lars Schewe


We consider a real-world problem of routing a pipe through a power plant. This is done with a MISOCP model which is solved to global optimality.
The problem combines discrete aspects and non-linear constraints that model the physics of the pipe. Conventional truss topology optimization methods are not directly applicable. This follows from the discrete constraints that force the pipe to form a path or even a Steiner tree.
The underlying physics of the pipe can be expressed via a SOCP formulation. Additional combinatorial constraints, that are used to force the pipe to a certain design, call for the use of binary variables which renders the problem a MISOCP.
In our real-world application a rough outline of the admissible region, a start and end point are given. In addition to the self-weight of the pipe we are also asked to place hangers that provide support for the pipe. Furthermore we use Timoshenko beams for our pipe to consider a more accurate physical model.
We give some numerical results and show how to speed up the solving process by discrete optimization techniques to obtain global optimality.


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