Tuesday, 13:15 - 13:40 h, Room: MA 550


Oscar Carreno
Developing optimization software for Colombian power system planning

Coauthors: Jaime A. Castillo, Carlos M. Correa


Motivated by the liberalization process of electricity markets led by Chile in 1982 and followed by England and Wales in 1990 and Norway in 1991, Colombia restructured its electricity industry in 1995 evolving to a novel electricity market in the region based on price offers. From then until now, several market rules have changed and evolved, causing modifications in the optimization planning models used for system operation. As a result, the system operator has improved and developed new models and strategies in order to be timely at the forefront of the changing market. XM, Colombian Independent System Operator (ISO), has led this assignment, using state-of-the-art commercial optimization software. Therefore, the optimization models used by XM to plan short- and very short-term have been developed by its own I+D team. This paper presents both, the IT and mathematical formulation, for the most important models developed and daily used by XM, and also showing the benefits and gains derived from their usage that have allowed XM to be pioneer among others Latin America's ISOs.


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"Stochastic programming models for electricity generation planning" [...]
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