Friday, 11:30 - 11:55 h, Room: H 3002


Uwe Steglich
Robust multi-layer network design under traffic demand uncertainty

Coauthor: Thomas Bauschert


We present an mixed-integer linear programming approach for a multi-layer network design problem under traffic demand uncertainty. This problem arises in the planning of IP (Internet Protocol) based networks, where the IP routers are interconnected by logical links that are paths in an underlying transport network. The transport network in turn might consist of different layers and technologies, e.g., an OTN layer (with electrical switching capability on ODU granularity) and a DWDM layer (with pure optical switching capability on wavelength granularity) which allows for optimum grooming and layer bypassing. Demand uncertainty results from daytime usage fluctuations, user behavior and external effects like BGP route flapping or server load balancing mechanisms and is regarded as big challenge for network operators. Our work is based on modifications of the \Gamma-robust design approach and the "Path over Path'' concept for multi-layer planning. Contrary to existing approaches our model considers multi-path routing, traffic grooming and layer skipping in parallel. We report computational results and limitations for realistic network scenarios and different transport network realizations.


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