Tuesday, 14:15 - 14:40 h, Room: H 0111


Tal Raviv
Optimal control of battery switching stations

Coauthor: Gil Einy


We introduce a new on-line scheduling problem motivated by the business model of Better Place Ltd. The company sells electric vehicles (EV) with replaceable Lithium Ion batteries and provides battery replacement services in Battery Switching Stations (BSS). The BSS Scheduling Problem is defined as follows: a stream of requests for battery switches to be fulfilled is governed by a known, non-homogenous, stochastic process. The disassembled batteries are recharged and used to fulfill future requests. Partly charged batteries can be supplied at a penalty cost that depends on their charging level. The charging duration and power consumption during the process varies depending on the battery and charging technologies. The cost of electricity and the maximum allowed power consumption varies during the planning horizon. The operational goal is to establish a charging policy so as to minimize the expected total electricity and penalty costs. We develop an on-line heuristic for the BSS problem, based on an efficient algorithm for a deterministic version of this problem, and demonstrate its efficiency by an extensive numeric experiment in a realistic setting.


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