Wednesday, 15:45 - 16:10 h, Room: H 3003A


Rene Schönfelder
Stochastic routing for electric vehicles

Coauthor: Martin Leucker


The development of electric vehicles (EV) using regenerative energy sources introduces various new algorithmic challenges. One aspect is to find efficient driving directions in order to consume less energy in general and to account for special properties of EVs in particular. Besides the length of the route, one could take various parameters into account, such as altitude maps, congestion probabilities, the weather forecast, multi-modality, the energy consumption of a fleet or of the overall traffic. We present some models to account for stochastic elements, such as congestion, traffic lights or similar uncertainties. Two particular models will be used to optimize either the success probability (i.e. the chance to reach your destination with the current battery charge) or the conditional expectation value of the energy use (given that a minimal success rate is satisfied). By adapting an algorithm from Uludag et al., we developed an algorithm to approach the mentioned energy-optimal path problems. Furthermore we provide a unified routing model to account for time-dependency and energy-constraints as well as stochasticity.


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