Tuesday, 14:15 - 14:40 h, Room: H 2035


Valeriano de Oliveira
An Invexity Type Condition on Impulsive Optimal Control Systems

Coauthor: Geraldo Silva Silva


It is well-known in optimal control theory that the maximum principle furnishes necessary optimality conditions for an admissible process to be an optimal one. It is also well-known that if a process satisfies the maximum principle in a problem with convex data, the maximum principle turns to be likewise a sufficient condition. We here define an invexity type condition for impulsive optimal control problems. We then show that this is a sufficient optimality condition. Our definition was motivated by the one given by [Martin85], where a generalized invexity notion, called KT-invexity is introduced for mathematical programming problems. Martin took into account the KT conditions when he designed the KT-invexity. In this work we do the same, but with the Maximum Principle for optimal control problems in the impulsive setting.

V.A. de Oliveira thanks the financial support from FAPESP - Grant 2011/01977-2


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"Control and optimization of impulsive systems I" [...]
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