Tuesday, 16:15 - 16:40 h, Room: H 0106


Stefan Ropke
Exact and heuristic solution methods for the generalized asymmetric vehicle routing problem and the capacitated arc routing problem


In the generalized asymmetric vehicle routing problem (GAVRP) one is given a set of nodes consisting of customer nodes and a depot. Customer nodes are partitioned into clusters and one must construct a number of routes, starting and ending at the depot, such that exactly one customer from each cluster is visited. Each cluster has a certain demand and routes must be constructed such that the total demand on a route is below a given threshold. We solve the GAVRP with an exact method, based on the branch-and-cut-and-price paradigm, as well as with a parallel adaptive large neighborhood search heuristic. Furthermore, in [Baldacci, Bartolini and Laporte (2010)] it was shown how an instance of the capacitated arc routing problem (CARP) easily could be transformed into a GAVRP instance. We use this transformation in order to solve CARP instances with the proposed GAVRP algorithms and report on extensive computational experiments for both problem types.


Talk 3 of the contributed session Tue.3.H 0106
"Exact approaches to routing problems" [...]
Cluster 13
"Logistics, traffic, and transportation" [...]


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