Wednesday, 15:45 - 16:10 h, Room: H 0112


Alina Fedossova
Modeling of transboundary pollutant displacement for groups of emission sources

Coauthor: Valery Fedosov


Location of emission pollution sources, together with objects or areas that require compliance with environmental norms, often leads to their disruption.
The task of reducing the excess pollution emissions to the optimum is complicated with the presence of wind shifts, which weaken or strengthen the general or local contamination.
One part of the pollution can be controlled to leave the territory, and, on the contrary, it is possible the invasion of pollution plumes from neighboring areas. (transboundary displacements).
Wind shifts incorporated directly into a stochastic semi-infinite optimization algorithm. Environmental objects are represented as a map of zones with arbitrary boundaries. This approach includes the replacement of the original pollution sources with lots of virtual sources with a total capacity equivalent to the initial emissions.
Possible local directions of wind shifts are presented in the form of maps of the streamlines of wind area, accounted later in the numerical experiment.
Objective function of semi-infinite programming minimizes costs of pollution control with wind shifts.


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