Thursday, 14:15 - 14:40 h, Room: MA 376


Sarah Kirchner
Appointment scheduling in a hospital environment

Coauthor: Marco L├╝bbecke


Currently appointments for patients are scheduled locally in most german hospitals. In every hospital unit a scheduler assigns appointments sequentially to incoming treatment requests. As the settlement amount for a patient is determined by his diagnoses and received treatments and not by the length of his hospitalization it is desirable for hospitals to reduce the average length of hospitalization. Therefore it is necessary to coordinate appointments for all treatments on a patients care pathway. This problem can be seen as a new variant of the well known job shop scheduling problem where patients correspond to jobs and treatments for patients correspond to tasks of jobs. The problem is also related to scheduling problems with calendars, as resources in a hospital are mostly not available at night and treatments can not be interrupted when the resource becomes unavailable. The objective of our problem is to minimize the average number of days of hospitalization. In this talk we introduce this new scheduling problem and present first models and solution approaches.


Talk 3 of the contributed session Thu.2.MA 376
"Scheduling, assignment and matching in healthcare" [...]
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