Friday, 11:30 - 11:55 h, Room: H 3013


Ralf Borndörfer
Configuration models for solving integrated combinatorial optimization problems

Coauthors: Olga Heismann, Marika Karbstein, Markus Reuther, Thomas Schlechte, Steffen Weider


The talk proposes configuration models as an effective approach to combinatorial optimization problems that integrate several types of constraints. Configurations are local building blocks of primal solutions. They can be used to express complex requirements, that would be difficult to formulate in terms of constraints, using an exhaustive, but
local, and hence manageable, enumeration of variables. This often gives rise to large, but combinatorially clean packing and covering type models, and it often produces strong LP bounds. Configuration models can be seen as an approach to construct extended formulations; these, in turn, lend themselves to column generation methods. Examples of successful applications of this method include railway track allocation (the configurations are occupations of track segments over time), vehicle rotation planning (the configurations correspond to train compositions), and line planning (configurations correspond to line bundles on an infrastructure segments).


Talk 3 of the contributed session Fri.1.H 3013
"Extended formulations" [...]
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"Combinatorial optimization" [...]


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