Monday, 16:15 - 16:40 h, Room: MA 549


Rodrigo Moreno
Transmission network operation and planning with probabilistic security to facilitate the connection of renewable generation

Coauthors: Danny Pudjianto, Goran Strbac


Current transmission networks are mainly operated and designed based on deterministic decision-making methods. Such methods do not take consideration of real outage risks of network components and therefore of actual benefits and costs of corrective control (or operational measures). This leads to over requirement of transmission capacity in planning timescales and significant constraints to access remote wind power in operational timescales. In this context, this presentation analyses various characteristics of a fully integrated economic and reliability probabilistic framework for network operation and planning that takes account of efficient operational measures to deliver network capacity to users. For the demonstrations, a new two-stage probabilistic optimisation model for the operational and planning problems is presented. The model is based on a Benders algorithm and is able to balance network utilisation/redundancy levels against the use of operational measures by minimising costs and risks in every operating condition. A novel contingencies-selection technique to identify the relevant outages and therefore lower the computational burden is also presented.


Talk 3 of the invited session Mon.3.MA 549
"Optimisation models for renewables integration" [...]
Cluster 18
"Optimization in energy systems" [...]


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