Tuesday, 14:15 - 14:40 h, Room: H 1029


Hans Trinkaus
Multi criteria decision support in real-time


Integration of Project, Process and Knowledge Management.
The business processes observed here affect various organizational units during evolving in successive phases. A few examples to that: surveillance and maintenance of ship equipment, transport logistics of wind wheel parts, and innovation of OLED technology.
At certain stations of those processes several things have to be done: knowledge retrieval and storage, working out of prescribed context relevant documents or performing situation dependent programs, and exploring and evaluating various feasible scenarios. Again some examples: time- or cost-optimal remedying of a ship's defect, selecting, assimilating and tracking of conveyor chains, and designing and simulating product or shop floor prototypes.
In finding "best paths'' through such dynamic processes two tools, addressing the outstanding visual cognition of man, assist: "processBoard'', for designing, adapting, monitoring and controlling processes on a virtual board, and "knowCube'', for getting balanced decisions by using graphical means, applicable by non-experts, too. Both tools are combined in a web portal.


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"Interactive multiobjective optimization" [...]
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"Multi-objective optimization" [...]


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