Tuesday, 15:45 - 16:10 h, Room: H 3002


Jonad Pulaj
Models for network design under varied demand structures

Coauthor: Anastasios Giovanidis


Recent developments in capacitated network design encourage further generalizations of the problem over finite time periods. Thus, the multiperiod network design problem (MNDP) consists in (1) establishing the network topology, (2) installing capacities, and (3) routing communication demands, while taking into account the fluctuations of demands over the design time horizon and minimizing installation costs. In this talk, we present new models and solution algorithms for the MNDP. Among other useful techniques, we derive lower bounds using Lagrangian relaxation and examine approximation algorithms. We evaluate the effectiveness of our new approaches through computational experience conducted on a number of networks, including realistic instances derived from the survivable network design library (SNDLib). This work is developed as part of a joint German-Polish project on multiperiod network optimization. The goal of the project is to develop efficient mathematical models for capacity expansions over finite time periods.


Talk 2 of the contributed session Tue.3.H 3002
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