Monday, 16:15 - 16:40 h, Room: H 1058


Gerald Gamrath
The SCIP Optimization Suite 3.0 - It's all in the bag!


We present the latest release of the SCIP Optimization Suite, a tool for modeling and solving optimization problems. It consists of the modeling language ZIMPL, the LP solver SoPlex, and the constraint integer programming framework SCIP.
Besides being one of the fastest MIP solvers available in source code, SCIP can also be used as a branch-cut-and-price framework. Furthermore, SCIP is able to solve a much wider range of optimization problems including pseudo-boolean optimization, scheduling, and non-convex MINLP. Its plugin-based design allows to extend the framework to solve even more different kinds of problems and to customize the optimization process.
We report on current developments and new features of the SCIP
Optimization Suite 3.0 release, including enhanced MINLP support, a framework to parallelize SCIP and the new exact solving capabilities for MIPs.


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