Friday, 15:45 - 16:10 h, Room: H 0111


John Pearson
Iterative solution techniques for Stokes and Navier-Stokes control problems


The development of efficient iterative methods for the solution of PDE-constrained optimization problems is an area of much recent interest in computational mathematics. In this talk, we discuss preconditioned iterative methods for the Stokes and Navier-Stokes control problems, two of the most important problems of this type in fluid dynamics. We detail the Krylov subspace methods used to solve the matrix systems involved, develop the relevant preconditioners using the theory of saddle point matrices, and present analytical and numerical results to demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed preconditioners in theory and practice.


Talk 2 of the invited session Fri.3.H 0111
"Preconditioning in PDE constrained optimization" [...]
Cluster 19
"PDE-constrained optimization & multi-level/multi-grid methods" [...]


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