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José Gilberto Hernández Ramírez
The amplitude model and regret model in decision making under uncertainty

Coauthors: María J. García G., Gilberto J. Hernández G.


Upon reinforcing the traditional methods for decisions making under uncertainty, especially Hurwicz and Laplace, the amplitude model (TAM) was created.
TAM, among the parameters to choose the best alternative, takes into account the amplitude.
Although it is created to reinforce other methods, TAM has taken own life.
Besides TAM has extended to decisions making under risk, with the model of amplitude for risk and uncertainty (MARU).
Likewise has worked TAM together the regret model (Minimax). The maximum repentance of Minimax has been used as parameter of TAM and the amplitude of the repentance to evaluate Minimax.
In this work continues with this search, of there that the objective of the same one is to create a new model, based on the philosophy of the amplitude model, using simultaneously as parameters the amplitude of the payments and the maximum repentance of the same.
To reach this objective will be used like methodology the scientific method for research operations.
For the illustration and validation of the new model will be contrasted against the traditional methods and other variant of TAM, through problems created especially for it.
%Keywords: Decision


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