Monday, 13:45 - 14:10 h, Room: MA 550


Jose Canto dos Santos
New genetic algorithms for contingencies selection in electric power systems

Coauthor: Iverson F. Costa


The importance of a reliable supply of electricity to the industrial society is unquestionable. In a control center of an electrical utility, an important computational task is the security analysis. In this task, contingency is the output of operation of an equipment and contingencies selection is the determination of the most severe contingencies for the system. Even with the current technological advances, an analysis in real time of all possible failures in a large grid is impractical. In this work we present a method to perform efficiently the selection of multiple contingencies. The problem is modeled as a combinatorial optimization problem, and solved by genetic algorithms that make efficient the screenings of the associated non-convex and non-linear search spaces. We developed a robust method, which considers aspects of power flow and voltage that was tested with an IEEE test system and with a large real network, considering double outages of branches. Excellent results with levels of accuracy close to 100,%, when compared with an exact method, obtained with scans of reduced portions of search spaces are presented.


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"Network operation under failures and losses" [...]
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"Optimization in energy systems" [...]


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