Wednesday, 15:15 - 15:40 h, Room: MA 141


Zhili Zhou
A network based model for traffic sensor placement with implications on congestion observation


In this paper, we define and solve the traffic sensor placement problem for congestion observation, which targets to place
the minimum number and location of traffic sensors in order to infer all traffic flow information in a dynamic changing congestion area. To handle uncertain traffic flow, we formulate this problem as a stochastic mixed-integer programming
problem. We first study the combinatorial structure for traffic arc sensor placement to achieve full network coverage without historical data in a given traffic network. Then, we present the relationship between the traffic sensor placement for full network coverage in the deterministic setting and for dynamic congestion area observation. A sampling approximation algorithm is developed to solve the problem with budget constraints. The paper also provides a number of illustrative examples to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed methodology.


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"Algorithms and applications for stochastic programming" [...]
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