Wednesday, 15:15 - 15:40 h, Room: H 2013


Nelson Hein
Mathematical model of hierarchical production planning

Coauthors: Adriana Kroenke, Volmir EugĂȘnio Wilhelm


The use of hierarchical model is mostly related to some of the advantages it may provides this type of planning, like a lower requirement for higher level of detailed information, a more simplified formulation of the global model and the gradual introduction of the random effects. Furthermore, beside the advantage of reducing the computational resources, this approach allows a better establishment of parallelism between his formulation and the hierarchy of decisions in the organization. Hierarchical models have been widely used to represent the processes of planning operations in companies. So far, the practical implementation of these models has been made under a, somewhat, formal approach. In this case, a hierarchical model is presented, which takes into consideration a great deal of the complexity that is commonly brought up in production environments. A methodology based on goal programming (applied to different disaggregation procedures to make room for the hierarchical planning) is utilized to solve this matter. This study aims at presenting a proposed methodology, the results obtained when applying it in a practical case, and the conclusions that derive from it.


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