Thursday, 14:15 - 14:40 h, Room: H 3012


Marta Vidal
A new proposal for a lower bound in a generalized quadratic assignment problem applied to the zoning problem

Coauthor: MarĂ­a Cristina Maciel


Zoning is a key prescriptive tool for administration and management of protected areas. However, the lack of zoning is common for most protected areas in developing countries and, as a consequence, many protected areas are not effective in achieving the goals for which they were created. In this work we introduce a quantitative method to expeditiously zone protected areas.
Zoning problem was mathematically modeled as a generalized quadratic assignment problem (GQAP), this problem generalizes the well known quadratic assignment problem, one of the most difficult problems in the combinatorial optimization field, it belongs to the NP- hard class. To solve it we applied a simulated annealing heuristic, obtaining satisfactory results in both academic problems of different dimensions as a real large scale problem.
In this work we propose a lower bound for the GQAP based on a new Lagrangean relaxation, which will be applied to the simulated annealing algorithm.


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