Friday, 11:30 - 11:55 h, Room: H 0106


Wolfgang Welz
Conflict-free job assignment and tour planing of welding robots


In welding cells a certain number of robots performs spot welding tasks on a workpiece. The tours of the welding robots are planned in such a way that all weld points on the component are visited and processed within the cycle time of the production line. During this operation, the robot arms must not collide with each other and safety clearances have
to be kept.
On the basis of these specifications, we show an approach how methods of discrete optimization can be used in combination with nonlinear optimization to find solutions for the stated problem. Intermediate results from the combinatorial collision-aware dispatching problem can be used to identify promising tours. Calculating the exact trajectories for those tours only keeps the computational expensive calculations to a minimum.
The discrete part leads to a Vehicle Routing based problem with additional scheduling and timing aspects induced by the necessary collision avoidance. This problem can be solved as an integer linear program by column generation techniques. In this context, we adapt a version of the shortest path problem with time windows so that it can be used to solve the pricing problem with collision avoidance.


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"Optimizing robot welding cells" [...]
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