Tuesday, 15:15 - 15:40 h, Room: H 3027


Emilie Joannopoulos
Feeding cost optimization of several diet formulations and environmental impact in the swine industry

Coauthors: Fran├žois Dubeau, Jean-Pierre Dussault, Candido Pomar


The diet formulation is a classic example of mathematical programming. We present several new models applied to the swine industry, where feed represent more than 70% of the total production cost, and compare the cost and environmental impact with the traditional feeding solution. Modern producers feed pigs with a 3 phases system with fixed energy rate. First, we will explain the classic and multiphase feeding models. This last one is unrealistic in practice so we introduce two formulation, one so called fixed and the other so called free. The so called free premix model departs from the traditional linear programming formulation in tackling simultaneously the diet's premix contents and the daily proportions, resulting in a bi-linear formulation. Just by using a daily phase feeding system and two premixes, producers already save. Deeper analysis of the problem revealed that the cost of a premix increases with its energy rate. So we finally present the unfixed energy rate model and show how it is related to the previously presented models. The free energy rate free premix bi-linear model appears to give substantial improvements over more traditional solutions.


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