Thursday, 14:15 - 14:40 h, Room: H 0106


Suh-Wen Chiou
Modeling the performance reliability in an area traffic control road network under uncertainty


For an urban traffic road network, most of travel time delay is directly dependent on correct and continuous operations of effective signal settings at junctions. The reliability of a road network under area traffic control thus heavily relies on its vulnerability to a dangerous mix of probabilistic threats such as system random failures, adverse weather and natural disaster. Losing capacity in one or more signal-controlled road junctions could have a negative wide impact on the performance of road network and increase total travel time on most road network users. The purpose of this paper is therefore on the focus of efforts to evaluate the performance of area traffic control road network under uncertainty which can be measured in terms of total travel time. The analysis of vulnerability of area traffic control road network is considered in this paper. The critical signal-controlled junctions of area traffic control road network are identified, when failed to perform its normal functions, could give rise to the maximum travel delay to road users.


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