Tuesday, 16:15 - 16:40 h, Room: H 1029


Gennady Zabudsky
Optimal location of rectangles on parallel lines

Coauthor: Igor Amzin


Facility location problems in the plane play an important role in mathematical programming. In the report is studied the problem of location rectangles on parallel lines such that a length and a width of rectangular cover were minimum. The problem is NP-hard. For the search of Pareto-optimal solutions we use models of integer linear programming and dynamic programming techniques. An algorithm for the search of the approximate solution of the problem with the minimum length is offered. We use IBM ILOG CPLEX package for the solution of integer linear programming problems. Results of computing experiment are presented.


Talk 3 of the contributed session Tue.3.H 1029
"Applications of multiobjective optimization" [...]
Cluster 15
"Multi-objective optimization" [...]


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