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Bertrand Cornélusse
Coupling European day-ahead electricity markets with COSMOS

Coauthors: Yves Langer, Gilles Meyer, Gilles Scouvart, Mathieu Van Vyve


Market coupling allows matching orders submitted by participants of several electricity markets while satisfying network constraints. It maximizes the economic welfare and allows a more efficient usage of market interconnection capacity. Several types of orders are available, including "block orders'' that must either be accepted in full or rejected. This problem translates into a MIQP with complicating constraints. Maximizing welfare subject to clearing (matched supply equals matched demand) and network constraints yields acceptance decisions for submitted orders. However some market rules are constraints relating acceptance decisions and market prices, and all integer solutions are consequently not acceptable. We present COSMOS, a dedicated branch-and-cut algorithm to solve this difficult problem. COSMOS runs every day for coupling day-ahead markets of Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Recent developments integrate specific requirements for the Iberian peninsula, the Italian market and the Nord Pool System. The authors would like to thank the owners of COSMOS, which are currently BelPex, APX-ENDEX and EPEX Spot, for allowing them to communicate on this work.


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