Monday, 13:45 - 14:10 h, Room: H 1058


Stefan Theu├čl
ROI - R Optimization Infrastructure package

Coauthors: Kurt Hornik, David Meyer


Currently, R and a wide variety of contributed
packages on CRAN as well as other package repositories offer tools to
solve many different optimization problems (see the overview at However, the user interfaces to
available optimizers and the output, i.e., the format of the
returned solution, often differ considerably. It is not only the users
interested in R as an optimization tool, but also the
developers who need to handle different optimization problem classes
transparently and who are facing this lack of
standardization. Therefore, an integrative multi-purpose optimization
framework for R seems to be desirable.
In this talk we present the R Optimization Infrastructure
package ROI, an extensible framework
for modeling and solving linear as well as nonlinear (possibly
mixed-integer) optimization problems. Without the need to learn a
domain specific language ROI enables users to employ both, open
source and commercial solvers directly within R via
so-called plugin packages.


Talk 2 of the invited session Mon.2.H 1058
"Optimization tools for R" [...]
Cluster 10
"Implementations & software" [...]


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