Thursday, 14:15 - 14:40 h, Room: MA 649


Christiane Pöschl
TV-denoising and evolution of sets

Coauthors: Vicent Caselles, Matteo Novaga


Let S ⊂ R2 be the union of two convex sets with smooth boundary.
We connect the levelsets of the minimizers u\lambda of
1⁄2 || u-χS || L22 + λ || u ||TV
to the minimizers of a (simpler) set-minimization problem in order to obtain a geometrical
characterization of the levelsets of u\lambda.
Moreover, we calculate explicit minimizers of (1),
when S is the union of two nonintersecting circles/squares, using
simple morphological operators.
We also show how to construct the solutions for the more general case when S
is nonconvex, starshaped set.


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